Provoking Thoughtful Discussion Among
Diverse People While Dining Over Delicious Food

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Join Across The Table For Dinner!

Across the Table offers a place where different views all have a voice and are welcomed to a seat at the table. Break bread, build bridges and connect over dinner and a facilitated conversation with ten people whose backgrounds and perspectives are different from your own. You will be a part of a dynamic, meaningful, topic-focused dialogue, while you share food and ideas in a relaxed atmosphere.

Dinners take place in beautiful and inviting spaces in community organizations, arts organizations, schools, outdoor space or private rooms in restaurants in Evanston, Illinois. When we dine in non-restaurant spaces, Across The Table partners with catering companies that provide tasty and memorable dinners. The cost is $30 per person and includes a multi-course, family-style dinner.

If you’d like to join us on a budget, email to learn about our $10 option.


The Details

Who is Welcome: Everyone!

Where is Dinner: Evanston, IL




Evanston, IL

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