Dinner at the Evanston History Center’s Charles Dawes House


December 10


05:30 pm - 08:30 pm

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Across the Table

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Evanston History Center

225 Greenwood Street, Evanston, IL 60201

Evanston, IL, US, 60201

Join Across the Table for this very special dinner! Straddle the divide between the 19th and the 21st centuries when you walk into The Charles Dawes House, the home of the Evanston History Center.  This mansion dates from 1894-1895, with 25 rooms, more than enough for us to make connections between and among diners as we gather together for facilitated conversations focusing on what it means to trust someone.  Expanding upon the Across the Table format, this dinnner will consist of three simultanous discussions, each occurring in a separate room.  When you arrive for the dinner, you will be welcomed and directed to your dining room, where a multi-course meal and facilitated conversation awaits you.  Then, after your meal and conversation, you will join diners from the other rooms for the opportunity to mix and mingle and explore this beautiful home.  Just as you bridged the more than 120 years upon entering the Charles Dawes House, the meaningful conversations in your dining room and then in the mansion will enable you to build bridges of understanding and firendship through dialogue with your fellow diners.

The topic of conversation is: What does it mean to trust someone?
Who do you feel you can trust?
Why do you feel that you can trust those that you do?
What instincts tell you not to trust the people you can’t?
What role does physical appearance play into your ability to trust a stranger?

Charles Dawes said,
Nobody can make progress with deceit in his heart.
The way to win people to trust is to trust them.
If there’s a thing to be said, say it.
If there’s a job to be done, do it.
But whatever you do,
hear the other fellow’s side and trust him.
Show him that you trust him
and in no time at all, he’ll trust you.
Then will follow achievement.

We will discuss your answers to all of these questions, your thoughts on Dawes’ words, and more while dining in the historic and beautiful Charles Dawes House!

We look forward to sharing this amazing evening with you!

Evanston History Center

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